Get active… with a short Celebrate Personal Training session

Yes it is possible to get fit without stepping inside a gym… try a short work out with me from the comfort of your own home. I’ll show you how to get your heart rate up and work your entire body. Simply press play and follow along.

Try me out…

I’ve put together a short taster programme of the best exercises for fitness and toning, which will take you just ten minutes each day. Feel free to join in!

Sunday – Rest and recovery

Nothing too strenuous for a Sunday… Join me in some simple joint and mobility exercises.

Monday – Press ahead

I’ll take you through ten varieties of push-ups, which will work your chest, back, arms and core.

Tuesday – Tummy day

This session involves a series of abdominal exercises to strengthen your lower back and your stomach.

Wednesday – Midweek special

To strengthen your core, this session works your back, chest, stomach, backside, arms and legs.

Thursday – Thighs

Focusing on your thighs, backside and lower back, today’s session involves squats, lunges and jumps.

Friday – Free weights

Dumbbells at the ready! This free weight session will work your shoulders, chest, back and arms.

Saturday – Whole body workout

This circuit training session will get your heart and lungs pumping and work all your muscle groups.

Important information

For your own safety and to prevent injury, please follow my ‘Warm up exercises’ video before you start, and follow my ‘Warm down exercises’ video at the end of your session.

Warm up with Simon

Warm up your muscles and joints to get your body and mind ready for the exercise session to follow.

Warm down with Peter

As your heart rate and breathing returns to normal, warm down with our post workout routine.

If you have any questions; if you’d like to discuss your needs in more detail; or if you would like to book a taster session, I’d love to help.
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