Celebrate Health & Fitness MD and personal trainer Peter Moorhead,
shares his expertise in The Home Exercise Handbook… available to buy now!

The Home Exercise Handbook

by Peter Moorhead

Available to buy in Paperback and Interactive PDF

Personal trainer, Peter Moorhead, shares his expertise in ‘The Home Exercise Handbook’.

Created as a visual reminder for clients on a personal training programme this comprehensive 80 page guide takes you through a vast array of stretches, exercises and HIIT training, so that you can continue training outside of your 1-2-1 sessions and do a full body workout at home.

Suitable for all fitness levels, The Home Exercise Handbook is full of advice, exercise tips and progression options, to help ensure you are doing everything correctly and getting the most out of your training session.


Buy The Home Exercise Handbook

For your convenience, ‘The Home Exercise Handbook’ is also available to purchase as an interactive PDF, which can be opened in Acrobat Reader on your PC, tablet, smart phone or smart device.

Buy The Home Exercise Handbook

I recommend Peter, the handbook and training programme unreservedly.

I have been training with Peter Moorhead for the past year, and am so grateful to have met him and to be working with him on his training programme. After being taught the exercises personally by Peter, I was given a handbook that shows in detail how to do all the exercises. The book has proved really helpful, both in the early days and throughout the past months. Initially I used it to refer to on a (very) regular basis, to remind me of exactly how to do the exercises in between my 1-2-1 sessions. Given that Peter and I have been training remotely since the Covid-19 lockdowns, the book has been a useful top-up, helping me to revisit the techniques for each exercise and maintain the variety of exercises on the days in between our sessions. I even took it with me when I had to go away for ten days. Peter adapted some of the exercises so I could continue my training using resistance bands rather than taking my weights with me, which proved the perfect solution. I recommend Peter, the handbook and training programme unreservedly. I LOVE the way Peter encourages me and sets challenges, and the variety of exercises really do seem to reach every possible muscle in my body. The programme is far more thorough than other training programmes I have followed in the past and I welcome always, the real variety of exercises and routines. 1,280 abs exercises in today’s session – challenging but great fun!


A motivational go to book for my all round exercise needs

The Home Exercise Handbook by Peter Moorhead is great for clients such as myself – as a reminder of the exercises Peter has taught me, and to make sure I am doing them correctly. However I found the book so comprehensive that even if I hadn’t had training from Peter, I would easily be able to learn the exercises from the book itself. The photography and narratives are fantastic and very simple to follow. This is a motivational go to book for my all round exercise needs and I highly recommend it.

Karen McLellan

A must have book for fitness training at home

Following a personal training programme with Peter has been an education. His enthusiasm, passion and motivation are infectious – he guides you through each exercise and attunes your workout to your ability and fitness level, challenging you in every session. The variety of exercises and workouts mean I never get bored, but it’s hard to remember the ins-and-outs of all the warm-up stretches, exercises and HIIT routines on the days inbetween coaching sessions, so I was thrilled to get a copy of Peters ‘Home Exercise Handbook’. It’s not the ‘same-old-same-old’ exercises that you see in so many other fitness books. It’s rammed with every exercise I can possibly think of; the instructions and the images are easy to follow at a glance; and it’s full of helpful hints and tips to ensure that I’m doing everything correctly, safely and in accordance with Peters expert advice and guidance. I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to confidently continue with their training at home. Thank you Peter.

Karen Brain

Great book and very user friendly

I started using Peter’s Home Exercise Handbook during lockdown this year as the gym was closed. It’s a really easy book to use and the photographs make it very user friendly. Also the photos of Peter are great as he’s smiling which made me smile too. I soon got to know all the moves off by heart and got into a great routine of doing them every morning. Great book with clear instructions and photos and plenty of extra hints to stretch each exercise.

Fiona Rosenberg

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