Celebrate food… weight loss and nutrition coaching

Improve your health, lose weight, build lean muscle and gain energy, with sustainable healthy eating habits that will help you get (and keep) the body that you want.

Is this you?

Restrictive fad diets and endless weight loss apps, you’ve tried them all.
Regardless of regular exercise, you’re struggling to lose weight.
You suffer from water retention, bloating or wind.
You struggle with foods that seem almost addictive to you.
You previously lost weight from dieting, but put it all back on …and more, soon afterwards.

Sound familiar? If any of this resonates with you, I know I can help!

Ideally, I recommend weight loss and nutrition coaching be conducted as part of a programme that includes exercise. However, in recognition that this may not be suitable or preferable to everyone, I offer weight loss and nutrition coaching as a stand-alone package.

‘Celebrate Food’ gives you access to an online platform of proven, research-driven methods that work for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles – and me as your coach to support you every step of the way.

I won’t try and sell you any lotions, potions or pills and I don’t prescribe short-term diets, meal plans or food rules. Instead, I’ll help you develop a better relationship with food; I’ll help you implement and maintain sustainable, healthy eating habits necessary to look and feel better; and I’ll give you the tools to stay that way… no matter what’s going on around you.

  • Let go of food confusion – drop the fad diets and conflicting advice.
  • Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.
  • Determine how much food you need to fuel your body – addressing what, how, and even when you eat (and drink).
  • Learn how to choose and prepare locally produced whole foods.
  • Identify which foods trigger inconvenient or embarrassing side effects.iy
  • Lose the weight/fat you haven’t been able to shed for years.
  • Achieve and maintain your goals, even when life feels unpredictable.

It’s important to clarify that my expertise (and qualification) is in healthy eating to lose fat or to gain muscle mass, and not for the treatment of specific health conditions or diseases.

If you would like to change your eating habits, and say goodbye to dieting,
food obsessions and body anxieties for good, let’s have a conversation.

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Celebrate Food – your healthy eating programme


Online coaching platform

Your easy-to-use online coaching platform is accessible from any digital device. Receive your 50-week online syllabus and read, watch or listen to daily lessons, with new habits to practice, one step at a time. 

You’ll have access to a wealth of information, education and advice for choosing and preparing healthy nutritious whole food, along with me as your coach to support you every step of the way.


Small changes

Big goals are broken down into small daily practices so that you develop healthy habits that become second nature.

The focus is on doing one thing at a time, being mindful of how that one thing affects body and mind and doing it well before moving on. Our aim over the duration of the programme of 50 weeks, is to make a 1% improvement every week rather than trying to change everything in a few short weeks.


Whole unprocessed foods

Learn how to identify, prepare and eat a variety of real, whole, unprocessed foods that add value to your body… foods that make you feel energised and wide awake!

When you eat the right foods for your body type, activity levels and emotional state, simple rules that we all know apply, with no need to count calories – To lose fat, eat a little bit less. To gain mass or fuel athletic performance, eat a little bit more.


How food affects mood

Learn how lack of sleep, conditions at work, personal relationships and family worries affect your digestive system and body chemistry, and how healthy eating can positively impact your wellbeing. We stress the importance of making sure your overall eating environment and habits, as well as your feelings and beliefs about eating, help you rather than hinder you.



Be consistent with your learning and practicing your habits to ensure you are  “pretty good” every day, rather than alternating wildly between rigid or “perfect” eating and uncontrolled or chaotic eating is the key to success. Just keep doing it.

Take in the information and commit to doing a habit consistently for at least 2 weeks before making any further changes, to determine how habits are working for you.


Results based

Change does not happen overnight, let’s face it, it has taken your lifetime to get to where you are now but give yourself a chance. Your body does not have unlimited reserves, it reflects what you put into it (food, recovery) and take out of it (activity, stress).

We discover what works best for you, by trying out new things and making decisions based on data and close observation of yourself, not “rules” or someone else’s ideas.

Improve your health, gain energy, and lose weight using proven strategies,
which will help you get (and keep) the body you want.

Peter provided me with some serious focus into my fitness regime and with his help I started to complete some weight training as well. I have since lost 7 stone or 45kg in weight and have gone from a 3XL shirt to XL.

Mark Richardson
I recommend Peter if you want to lose weight quickly and safely – I only wish I’d done this a year ago! Being overweight is something I’ve had to live with for a long time and I have to admit I was sceptical. I’ve now lost 2 stone and feel so much better. It’s been hard but worth it and Peter has been there to check on me every week and keep me on track. I put my business partner in touch with him and he has since lost 1 stone too.

Emerson Patton
Peter’s dedication and commitment to his work to get you results is outstanding. He works above and beyond what anyone would expect and he is such a kind and welcoming person.

David Beach
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