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By Peter Moorhead / Posted 24th July 2018 

Just what is it, that you really want? 

If you are thinking about change, a start point is often thinking about the things you don't want? 
Here are the whys and how to turn that around into a posive plan of action, to what you do want. 
By Peter Moorhead / Posted 22 November 2017 

You’re how old? 

At some point in life you will reach a cross-roads. Do you do something to help yourself as you get older? Or do you leave it in the hands of fate? 
Do you pin your hopes in the lottery or open a savings account and invest in your future? 
By Peter Moorhead / Posted 8 November 2017 

You were born to run 

Soon after man stood on hind legs, the human animal could outrun any other animal. Our physiology and big brains put as at the top of the food chain. 
But unless your a hunter, who cares? Well there is a joy to running that has a positve mental affect too. 
By Peter Moorhead / Posted 18 October 2017 

ALCOHOL - Am I drinking too much? 

These days, alcohol is cheap, easy to buy online, from the supermarket or even when you fill up the car. Most of us have it at home and it’s now the norm to “have a few at home” even before a night out. 
By Peter Moorhead / Posted 18 September 2017 

What is the best time to start my exercise programme? 

Is it before or after the holidays, on your Birthday or any other day. Psychology plays a part as does physiology. Find out what works best and why. 
By Peter Moorhead / Posted 21st August 2017 

Better resilience to colds and flu 

When is the last time you had a cold, come to think of it, when did you last have a day off sick? 
Better personal resilience because of better fitness? There is no doubt in my mind. 
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