About me…

…well actually, it’s really more about me understanding you!

I can tell you, it was a bit of a shock in 2007 when the Instructor on my Personal Trainer certification told me that I would have failed in 3 out of 5 risk assessments for potential clients.

1.   I was over 40.
2.   I had high blood pressure.
3.   I drank more than the recommended alcohol.

How many people, over 50 as I was, would fail that kind of risk assessment? Surely, I thought, these are the very people we should be helping.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it?


I’m Peter Moorhead and Celebrate Personal Training is my company. I have worked with hundreds of clients, mostly in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, training with them at home. It gives me real satisfaction to see just what these men and women achieve with good coaching and accountability.

My clients choose me because I understand them …because I’ve been there. They see a regular person who is “good for his age” and if I can do it, so can they.

peter pushup
In many ways, getting older means that we’ve lived through a lot and experienced much of what life throws at us and no matter how good your average gym instructor or even personal trainer is, how can they possibly relate? I always remember one of my clients Michelle, telling me “I have handbags older than him”.

You see, when we are older our bodies don’t respond to exercise, or what we eat, in the same way as when we were in our prime. For us, it takes small step changes to achieve great results rather than a “no pain, no gain” quick fix.

Some of my clients want to lose weight, some just want to get fit and some want both of those things, but they all have some things in common and I know that the people I work best with:

  • Don’t really care if they can do a 3 minute plank or 50 press-ups in a minute. What they really want, is to continue doing the things they enjoy the best. Like playing with the grandkids, breezing through the housework and gardening, going on their travels for holidays etc.
  • They appreciate the need to invest in their own future rather than abdicating responsibility to an already overloaded health system, so as to retain their dignity and independence as they get older.
  • They recognise that they need some coaching and accountability to achieve their goals through simple stages, one step at a time.

My clients choose me because I understand them, I’ve been there. They see a regular person who is “good for his age” and if I can do it, so can they.

“You only live once… but if you do it right, once is enough”

Mae West
If you are ready to make some changes; happy to invest some time, energy and yes, some money in yourself as an Active Older Person, rather than an OAP, I’d love to help. Let’s have a conversation.
Peter is one of the people who you feel comfortable with to really help you get the job done. He will push you to the limit that you ask for, but will do it in such a way that you are glad he does. His knowledge spans a lifetime of excellence in fitness and dedication to his work and colleagues. If you have a goal to achieve Peter will be with you all the way if you need him.

Linda Rogerson-Heath
After spending several years with Army PTI’s who believe your body is indestructible, training with Peter was a breath fresh air. Providing realistic objectives and excellent structured knowledge, he arms you with everything needed to make healthy progress. Peter is a great character and genuinely eager to see you improve.

Stephen Minney
Peter is a personable, punctual and professional service provider, who takes a holistic approach to his clients – not just looking at the physical or fitness aspects, but also nutritional aspects, mental well-being and overall lifestyle choices. Thoroughly recommended.

Rob Cottingham