Weight Watchers – U Turn yields dramatic fat loss results

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Weight Watchers – Changes to points system

Having just measured one of my clients who has struggled with his weight for several years and seen some fantastic fat loss which means he is no longer clinically obese, I’d like to take all the credit but exercise has only played a small part in his impressive results.

And so having once been a vocal critic of them, I feel I should congratulate Weight Watchers for taking a bold decision last year to change their points system so that people can now actually achieve significant weight loss.

The Energy Balance

In the past, much like the majority of our population including health professionals, fitness experts and diet counsellors, Weight Watchers thought it was all about numbers.

Calories in verses calories out – all you had to do was apply a little will power, stop being lazy, eat less and exercise more.

Simple right

Deliberate Mis-information?

Hmm, wrong actually. I guess we will never know just how many lives have been made miserable by the manipulation of facts and outright deceit of vested interests from that approach, as obesity levels continue to rise to epidemic levels?

Because that is not how our bodies work. Food is much more complex than being a number of calories and the whole theory of thermodynamics relative to human metabolism is now proven to be flawed.

If you think about it, can you really believe that a packet of beige food processed beyond recognition, let’s say of 600 calories and likely loaded with sugar and/or salt to replace taste lost from removing the fat, is good?

As good as a freshly prepared meal of whole natural ingredients that is 7 or 800 calories?

No. This is why Weight Watchers have bumped up the points value of processed food, loaded with sugars and they now promote fresher whole foods with lower point scores.

Simply counting calories counting is not a good method of judging what you eat because it ignores the quality of what you eat. That’s far more important for your overall health.

Try this

So when it comes to weight loss, whether or not you try Weight Watchers, instead of counting calories:

  • Try as much as possible to use whole foods that you can identify for example; potatoes, carrots, beans, celery, nuts
  • Put together meals with equal amounts of protein and fat carbohydrate
  • Cut out (seriously) foods with high-fructose corn syrup as an ingredient frequently found in breakfast cereals, soft drinks, ketchup, canned soups and salad dressings

And think of exercise as something to be enjoyed, just like playtime is for kids. Find something that gets you moving and that you enjoy … and do it regularly. You will feel better after having some “me time” to de-stress and re-energise.

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