Viki Drury

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Friends, family, clients and colleagues have all noticed not only an improvement in my appearance, but to my attitude to all aspects of my life, not just fitness, because I have become a more confident, positive person as a result of Peter’s influence. – Viki Drury

Viki Drury

I have continued my fitness and exercise with Peter since we first met in 2010. Exercise wasn’t a big part of my life before but I knew I had to do something about my fitness levels, and approached Peter about embarking on a personal programme. I completed my initial training and continue to see him, as he motivates and supports me in developing my ability. Peter understands the kind of training I need and how to keep my interest fresh.

I have great respect for Peter, his approach to life and his work as a result of that. I am very pleased to have his continued support and encouragement.

Thanks Peter!