Running – From 100 metres to 100 miles – beyond Infinity

I have been running for most of my life considering myself a sprinter in my school days and the fastest winger on the rugby pitch as a young soldier.

Then as I got older the distances increased from 800 metres to cross country and inevitably marathons.

Now when 5km, 10 km, marathons and half marathons are pretty much common to every large town and city I turned my eye to Ultra Running and decided upon a goal of running 100 miles in 24 hours.

From this the whole concept of MK Infinity Run was born and I spent most of 2014 finding a route, testing the distances and building up the miles to my ultimate challenge over the Bank Holiday weekend in August.

In 2014, I became and ultra runner and in doing so met some wonderful people, many of whom joined in with MK Infinty Run and I learned a great deal.

I learned from my fellow runners – what to wear, how fast to run and when to walk, what to carry, which shoes are best  and most importantly for me I discovered that for me at least, the conventional wisdom for nutrition did not apply. I have become even more an advocate for the low carbohydrate training (fueling) approach which for me resolved a whole host of issues not least bad problems with the digestive system!

Cool Running near the Willen Village, Milton KeynesSo if you are a runner or aspire to be one, then I’ll be delighted to run with you and pass on some of these invaluable tips and tricks. Just get in touch and I’ll show you some of the beautiful countryside in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, I know a great 100 mile route!