Personal Training

Personal Training at Home in Milton Keynes

It is called Personal Training because every Person has different wants and needs. Whether you have struggled with your weight for some time, want to go back to work now the children are older or you just want to feel revived and rejuvenated, and perform better, I can help

I will do everything I can to encourage, coax or kick up the backside, whatever works, to get you up and on your feet again; looking good, feeling great and ready to live a longer, more active life

That is my promise; backed up with my 5 Star Guarantee

I am Peter Moorhead, Celebrate Personal Training is my Company and these are some of my most popular programmes:

Are you Ready?

I am told that it takes two weeks for you to notice a change, 4 weeks for your family and 12 weeks for the world to notice!

So, as long as you are ready for change, I am confident that you will see some dramatic results in a very short time. Let us help by showing you a better way.



For a chat about fitness and weight loss, call me on 01908 696771 or email

This artical was written by Peter Moorhead, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Milton Keynes