Leaner Eating – a Real Life alternative to dieting

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Exercise alone is not enough for weight lossLeaner Eating - Healthier Eating Habits

For most people, exercise alone is not enough to lose weight and to maintain that weight loss. In fact we feel so strongly that to be successful in first losing weight and then maintaining that weight loss, you must consider what you eat on a daily basis as well as adding exercise.

Exercise alone won’t do it and neither will dieting alone. You need to make changes to what you eat and possible how you eat, just small changes that will turn your food choices into leaner eating.

Results from real people

Our methods are more than just theory or a slavish adherence to “current” popular weight-loss programs but from tried and tested work with real people.

So after some impressive results in from our clients, using weight loss methods that are proven to work, we have put together a package of weight loss while eating real wholesome food and the principles of eliminate, hydrate, assimilate and recuperate. We call it a Leaner Eating

Practical diet changes – Leaner Eating

One of the main component of our fitness and weight loss packages is the Leaner Eating program, after all 80% of the result you will get is down to what you put in your mouth.

For the first 28 days you are with us you will be following our Leaner Eating Program helping you remove toxins from your body and allowing it to get back to optimal efficiency and health.

In order to do this you will be asked to:

  • Remove specific food groups from your diet
  • Increase water intake
  • Regulate Sleep Patterns

Leaner Eating will help you lose weight and greatly improve your health and well-being.

28 day Leaner Eating meal planner

As part of your Personal Training Package this summer, you will receive a 28 day  Leaner Eating Meal Planner and Recipe Guide to help remove the guess work from healthier eating and make your life easier.

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This artical was written by Peter Moorhead, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Milton Keynes