Fitness for Weight Loss

Fitness for Weight Loss in Milton Keynes

Fat is what you call yourself when other people may think you are overweight and I know what it is like to be fat. Year by year you add another couple of pounds over Christmas or during your all inclusive holiday and you kid yourself that you can lose it, easy! Before you know it you are puffing and panting and your clothes are too tight when only a few months ago you would have been running around no problem.

You may not even be overweight according to your BMI measurement but your body fat percentage is high and you start to lose muscle tone. Everything becomes more of an effort and you start to feel lethargic and old.


You may have tried the diet and joined the gym and failed in the past but I am confident that I can help to introduce healthy eating and regular exercise that is appropriate and enjoyable for you.

It’s personal and it works

Worth waking up for? – Is this you

  • You come to realise that there is more to life than working every waking hour
  • You need to lose some weight to feel confident again
  • You want to be around to enjoy your kids and the grand children
  • You  just want to feel energised and alive again
  • You get a “wake up call” and you realise that unless you do something about your life heading south (like your saggy body), it is only going to get worse.
  • You want to be more active as you get older, not dependent on carers or your children.

Fat Body Weight Loss Coaching - Fighting FitI’m ready and able to help if you are ready to change some habits for a better lifestyle and I assure you, it’s worth the effort  to look good, feel great and to live a longer, more active life

Your “Programme for Success”

Just as (finally) it is becoming generally accepted that to lose weight and keep it off, more of us have discovered that diet alone or exercise alone will not work. When it comes to weight loss we use the 80:20 rule; that is that 80% or more of weight loss is about finding out what changes you need to make to eating and drinking habits and the remaining 20% is about exercise, hydration, sleep, environmental conditions and stress management.  You can’t out-run your knife and fork!

It takes on average 90 days to make changes and adopt them as new habits so your  “Programme for Success”  is for a minimum of 12 weeks and you can decide after that if you want to continue on your own or have some regular, less frequent sessions with me – Peter Moorhead

What you get

First we need to meet for a home consultation so that I can answer any questions and you can check me out to see if I am the kind of person you can trust.

Then, I will write your personalised 12 week “Programme for Success” based on your current fitness levels and what you want to achieve and present it for your approval.

£65 per week for 12 weeks

Your programme cost is £65 per week with an expectation to continue for at least 12 weeks, then if you decide that you are OK to continue on your own after 12 weeks that is great, or we can continue for less frequent sessions at a discounted rate.

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Details of your Programme for Success

Personal Training for Weight Loss costs £65 per week (if 1 coaching session each week). It includes:

  • A comprehensive Post Consultation report including recommendations for dietary changes
  • 12 week Fitness and Weight loss overview, customised to your fitness and weight loss goals
  • A detailed plan each week to chart your progress and review your actions
  • A comprehensive e-book of illustrated home exercises by Peter Moorhead
  • Nutrition Assessment and Food Diary
  • Money Back 5 Star Guarantee
  • Payment option of 1 or 3 interest free payments in advance
  • No VAT to add
  • 28 day Leaner Eating Programme
  • 1 Exercise Coaching session per week
  • Loan of any fitness equipment to keep for the duration of your training
  • Monthly bio impedance readings (baseline health check measurements)
  • Full email, text and web support
  • Refund of your Home Consultation fee on completion of 12 weeks or two extra coaching sessions
  • Referral Reward Scheme

And of course I will provide you with the Accountability, Inspiration and Motivation you need as well as friendly advice and a positive outlook.

Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Massage at Home with Viki Druryif you wish you can add options of:

  • Massage treatments (at home or salon) with a specialist Massage Therapist
  • Technical gadgets, devices and apps to gather and record exercise and energy input and expenditure e.g. Fitbit
  • Nutritional Consultation with Sam Downton
  • Additional Coaching sessions
  • Referral to our preferred Osteopath/Physiotherapist for postural or alignment issues

On completion of your Programme for Success

Fat Body Weight Loss CoachingWe will celebrate your achievement, review your goals and arrange any continuation training that you may wish for.

Time to Act?

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From 2017, we are certified with Precision Nutrition and will use their world class systems and technology, better to help our clients. You may want to check out what you could be doing in 2017 before we have that chat.



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This artical was written by Peter Moorhead, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Milton Keynes