The First Step

The First Step – Am I ready?

Think of this as a first contact; you are here because you are interested in Personal Training but you have a lot of questions you want answered. Some of those questions are ones you don’t know how to ask because you need to discover them for yourself.

This is a free resource so that you can answer your own question “Am I ready for this” or “Is a Personal Training Programme my best choice” before you make any firm commitment..

About the First Step Information Pack

Over the next 4 days, I’m going to get you to think and act some more because we want you to be sure that the course of action you are about to take is the right one for you. Then, when you are ready, we will guide you through the process to getting you started on your “Programme for Success”

I don’t want you to be wasting your time, money and energy on something that does not work for you so, I have provided these tools to help you decide if this is your best option

Make no mistake, what you are considering doing – working with a Personal Trainer to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goal, is not cheap; certainly you could just join a gym or a slimming club for less of an investment and most of our clients actually, have already tried that.

Peter Home headerA Better Way

The process is broken down over 4 days in simple stages.

  • Day 1: Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
  • Day 2: Readiness for Change Questionnaire
  • Day 3: Social Support Questionnaire
  • Day 4: Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire

These 4 critical stages are a result of testing the best motivators that work for my clients.  We’ll cover each of them in detail over the next 4 days.

 The First Step is Here

10 minutes a day

Each day you’ll get a questionnaire to download, covering the information we want you to consider and feedback to me so that you can interact with no commitment right away. Allow about 10 minutes each day for the next 4 days to review the information and complete the questionnaire.

Are you ready to get started?

I have set out to make this free First Step information pack better than any pre consultation for a Personal Training and Weight Loss Program than I’ve seen so far but that’s for you to decide. One thing is for sure, though; these next few days will help you make you a better choice.

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What next?

Book a Home Consultation – Meet your trainer at home for a chat about you and your needs

For more information  – about your Programme for Success and to reserve a priority place on our waiting list

The First Step is Here