Buddy Pass

Can I Bring a Friend?

My clients often ask if it is OK for a friend or a family member to come along for their training session. I think it is important that my clients feel relaxed and safe with me for whatever reason, especially when we are still getting to know each other. And anyway, it can often be more fun when someone else comes along too.

So my answer is invariably yes and usually at no additional cost but there are a few rules for what I call a “Buddy Pass”

The Rules

Your “Buddy” must be:

  • Over 18
  • A fitness level suitable for your programme with you
  • Understand that it is your programme and that attention is on you
  • Complete a PARQ and have no reason that would put themselves or anyone else at risk
  • Participate without causing disruption or discord

That being said, I will do my best to make your “Buddy” welcome and enjoy their training session with you

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This artical was written by Peter Moorhead, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Milton Keynes