Body Transformation

Body Transformation – for Big Bodies

If your BMI is more than 30.

If your GP uses words like “obese” or “morbidly obese” the chances are, you have been overweight for most of your life and that you gave up on being anything other than “fat” a long time ago.

It’s bad enough that nothing works when it comes to losing weight; you have tried just about every diet, bought the DVD’s and joined the gym but still, you get bigger every year.

You know that some people feel sorry for you, they say “you have a beautiful face” or “lovely hair” but you don’t even look in the mirror any more. You hate how you look; you hate yourself.

Sound familiar?

Sadly, I hear words like this from too many people. People who are not lazy or weak-willed but often very capable people who have been let down and even exploited by the vested interests in our fashion industry, food and diet industries, the fitness industry and dare I say, even our health professionals.

It has taken a long time to get where you are today and you have a lifetime of habits, beliefs and routines to change but, you can change your life. Yes, it will be difficult at times and there are bound to be tantrums and tears but this time you have a real chance to shed a load of weight and re-gain mobility so you can re-discover your true self.

Here is how:

First and foremost we turn to the words of Clark Moustakis for inspiration:

Accept everything about yourself – I mean everything.

You are you and that is the beginning and the end – no apologies, no regrets

Because once you are able to get your emotions into balance and you realise just how fantastic you really are, then you live in love instead of in fear. Your whole life will take on new meaning and you will lose weight in the process. This is what body transformation is about;  it will take time and some work but it is worth the effort.

nordic_walkingConfront your Demons

    • D – Daily Routine – We look what you do each day, how active are you at work and at home, if you  exercise. We look at when and what you eat and drink, how and when you relax and when you sleep.
    • E – Emotions – How are you affected by the people and things around you, what makes you happy, angry, joyful or sad?
    • M – Medications – Even prescribed medications have sometimes unwanted side effects let alone recreational drugs and alcohol. What about nicotine or caffeine?
    • O – Optimise – We take some body measurements so that we can discover what is the optimum amount and type of exercise for you. Also, how we should adjust your eating habits by to give you the best possible body transformation results.
    • N – Nutrition – Would it surprise you to know that even people who are overweight can be malnourished? Indeed often the reason for weight gain is a deficiency in some vital vitamin or mineral. We also look at hydration levels and symptoms that could indicate food intolerance or an allergy.
    • S- Supplementation – We appreciate that not everyone agrees the need for vitamin and mineral supplements and we shall carefully consider each person on merit. If necessary we will consult our Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist before making any recommendations or otherwise about supplements.

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Body Transformation – Change a life, Save a Life

As you can see, Body Transformation is an in-depth process which will take time. Taking time is a good thing though because nothing about this process is quick. I want to help change your life and even to save your life and I intend to use all the tools, techniques and technologies at my disposal.

We will use everything at our disposal to help with assistance from the best Nutrition Coaching and certification company in the world, their technology and tools. We will monitor your activity with the best available wearable tech in the world and we will discover what will make a difference.

For you, this time.

Peter Moorhead Personal Trainer

Is this what your really want – is it affordable

Before we even start your programme, we are going to spend several hours together talking about you, your desires and fears and about keeping you safe. Of course you want to know about cost but you will appreciate that it is difficult to say until we have met and I can understand what you need. It is a serious commitment though and before we start we will agree about what and how you can pay.

During the consultation period, we will get to know each other well so that we can each make a choice to go on from your initial consultation or not. It is a choice on both sides too, for me and for you because this is no small investment of money, time, energy and emotion that each of us will be asking of the other and it has to be right.

The very best of Personal Training with Face to Face physical activity, technical assistance and emotional support.

From this point if we continue, we put together a programme of Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training using the ProCoach system for the theory and practical application of healthy eating. Learn more about how we will do this in 2017 here.

For my part, I will provide all of the Accountability, Inspiration and Motivation that I can. I will provide equipment and additional expert consultations and treatments where necessary and promise to coax, encourage and push you to achieve your goals.

In return I ask nothing less than your own commitment to the investment I mention above and for you to use words like “I can, I will and I am”

Telephone Consultation

Having given you an overview here, the next thing is to have a conversation. It is often someone calling on behalf of the person who needs help and that is OK. Once I can get an idea of what is required we can talk about duration and cost of the programme. We could be talking about 12 months and sometimes more but we break it down into 4 or more blocks of 12 weeks and I would anticipate being with you at least once each week and as much as 3 times each week at first.

So let’s have that telephone conversation, contact me via the button below and I will call at your convenience.

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Seen enough to want more?

Our Body Transformation programme is usually fully subscribed and we open our list on a first come first served basis only two times each year, At Easter and in the Autumn.

So if you are interested and would like to register your interest with no further committment until you have seen your programme, click the button below.

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This artical was written by Peter Moorhead, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Milton Keynes