Peter Moorhead Personal Trainer

Hi there.

I am Peter Moorhead

and Celebrate Personal Training is my company.

I help my clients in Milton Keynes  with Personal Training for fitness training and weight loss when they want to change their lives for the better

Inspiration for Fitness - Inspirational Customer StoriesAs a skinny young lad I was always a fast runner and spent many a Saturday morning at school shivering on the wing waiting to be passed the ball so I could run! I thought I was quite good at Rugby and kept it up over my adult life, still on the wing.

Boy Soldier

At 15 years of age I joined the Army and I thought I was quite good at being a soldier. Fortunately, enough other people thought so too and it was when I was responsible for the welfare and training of my soldiers that I discovered a talent for fitness training.  PT at 6.30am became an everyday challenge to find something different and enjoyable for 40 or so soldiers.

Wet and Muddy

That’s where my love of outdoor fitness training started, would you believe I was doing Boot Camp stuff and running events like “Freddy’s Mud Run” in the early 80’s! If only I had known!

In 1996 I moved to Milton Keynes having met my lovely wife Sally and I spent several years bouncing around jobs and getting fat and old. And it was that realisation (being fat and old) that made me decide to do something about it. I studied and gained qualifications as a Personal Trainer, quit my job and set up Celebrate in 2007.

Outdoor Fitness Specialist

Now, as anyone who knows me will tell you. I’m still running (but not so fast), I love outdoor activities whether that is Boot Camp stuff, cycling, hiking in mountains, skiing or Ultra Marathon.

I am a fervent believer that when it comes to food, sugar is the number 1 culprit for the obesity epidemic and my clients soon discover that ”exercise is for enjoyment” and “what you eat determines your weight”. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping people make a difference to how they look and how they feel about themselves and to bringing some joy into life.

It’s a celebration after all!



For a chat about fitness and weight loss, call me on 01908 696771 or email

This artical was written by Peter Moorhead, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Milton Keynes