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Personal Training at Home in Milton Keynes

Personal Training with Peter Moorhead, at your convenience.

It is called Personal Training because every Person has different wants and needs. Whether you have struggled with your weight for some time, want to go back to work now the children are older or you just want to feel rejuvenated and perform better, I can help


Here's what people say about Peter's training.

Forgot ‘Weight Loss’, this is ‘Hate Loss’. Peter has shown me how to stop hating life and start loving it! – Rachel Johnson (more…)

Peter is excellent at what he does. A unique combination of personal fitness training, psychology and an awareness that if you are investing your time and money in something – it better bring results!. It certainly has for me – on both a personal and business level. – Fiona Gray (more…)

Not wishing to sound clichéd, but Peter has an innate ability to work with mind, body and soul, to get to the core of any physical and mental blocks that may be hindering your progression. His very calming demeanour and positive attitude is infectious, and he goes to great lengths to support you both during and inbetween sessions, to keep you focused on your personal goals in small manageable increments. – Karen Brain (more…)

Friends, family, clients and colleagues have all noticed not only an improvement in my appearance, but to my attitude to all aspects of my life, not just fitness, because I have become a more confident, positive person as a result of Peter’s influence. – Viki Drury (more…)

Great guy who kept me focused on my fitness and health for 2 years.
Went to incredible lengths to keep it fresh and interesting, would recommend to anyone who is serious about changing their lifestyle. – Alan Cowan

Alan Cowan

I have just completed my first ever marathon in 4 hours and 4 minutes. I have no doubts that this would not have been possible without Peter’s help and support. Peter helped me set my objectives; and he designed me a training programme to achieve them. Most importantly he was with me every step of the way. – Madeline Forrester (more…)

I’ve worked with Peter for over 18 months and the difference he has made to my fitness, figure and day-to-day aches/pains is huge. My sciatica and lower back pain has pretty much disappeared. – Heather Townsend (more…)

Peter is a personable, punctual and professional service provider, who takes a holistic approach to his clients i.e. not just looking at the physical or fitness aspects, but also nutritional aspects, mental well-being and overall lifestyle choices. – Rob Cottingham (more…)

I was fed up with feeling constantly tired and in pain from a back complaint and asked Peter for a fitness and weight loss programme that would suit me. Within a few days I was seeing results from the changes to my diet and really enjoying morning walks around Willen Lake. – Angela Rhodes (more…)

When I first asked Peter to help me I was approaching 19 stone, extremely unfit and heading for a heart attack. Whilst I’ve still got a long way to go, I’ve lost nearly 3 stone and am jogging about 10-15 miles per week. A Massive improvement. – Trevor Nicholson (more…)

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